User Defined Tiles

One of the goals of this project is to enable creating functions, which in the terms of this game is converting a Tile Map into a user defined tile.

This is still work in progress.

The way this would work is the following:

Creation: When creating the user-defined-tile we take the existing IN and OUT streams and transform them into the Tile possible Ins and Outs. Meaning that if the map has two IN ports, than this new tile supports 2 INs. The tile should allow its properties to be setup such that the user can choose which ports maps to which INs. The same for OUTs. The one complications in this is that any other Tile in the game allows all of it's 6 ports to be used as INs, while this user-defined-tile now expects different inputs in it's port. Imagine a user-defined-tile that given 2 streams of values (2 INs) will output 1 if the first is bigger than the second, zero if equal and -1 if the second is bigger than the first. Now we need to set the user-defined-tile properties to tell which port is which stream of values. OUT can also pose a problem, if the user-defined-tile as two possible OUTs - maybe the easiest is to only allow one.

Timing: obviously the new user-defined-tile has a pipelined inside of it. If this tile has 4 cycles latency before producing results, than it will output NA in the first 3 cycles. This can be a little confusing at first.

When running simulation the user-defined-tile will need to run the map inside of it.

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