Version 0.1.2

Release Notes:


  • In the choose puzzle dialog if no puzzle is choosen the load button should be disabled. Same for the Open file dialog.
  • In some cases when editing Tile properties, the help string and other properties of other tiles will show up.
  • Plus tile help text had some wrong English.
  • Puzzles First introduction and Easy as 1,2,3 didn't have scores.
  • Out Port - when choosing which to use, changed the description from port to stream name.
  • When Constant tile repeat count is finished, output NA instead of zeros.
  • Add the puzzle name to the scoring dialog.

New in this release:

  • Auto adjust port directions: 1) while placing a new tile, smartly decide the default port direction of this tile and it's adjacent tiles. 2) while toggling a tile port direction, also adjust it's adjacent tile opposite port direction to match.
  • Added Tooltip for the tile icons.
  • Added Puzzles: Simple Sum, Flip A Bit and Compare.

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Aug 18, 2017

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